Old Mates BYU Course

The course at Old Mates BYU is 6.7km's of single track trail, bike tracks, and dirt road. The course includes approximately 110m of elevation per lap with rolling climbs through tropical and eucalypt forest and some sections likely to be a little muddy under foot.

The course includes some technical sections that require concentration and some flowing wide dirt roads that are easy to navigate. It takes in the sights of flowing creeks, waterfalls and even WWII ruins! But also keep an eye out for Kangaroos, brush turkeys, birds and lots of other wildlife.

This 6.7km loop is Far North Queensland through and through!!

Course FAQ's

  • What is the best shoe choice?

This course takes in trails and dirt road that can be muddy and uneven. Trail running shoes are your best option for this course

  • How hard will the loop be?

Most BYU's are very flat and easy to navigate. Old Mates BYU is a little more difficult with the trails, elevation and uneven surface in parts. BUT it is not too difficult for the weekend warrior runner to finish in under an hour. We would suggest that anyone who can run 10km's in under 1 hour and 20 minutes will be able to finish the loop within the hour

  • Do I need to worry about animals and insects?

You don't need to "worry", but you do need to be "aware". Mosquito repellant is highly recommended as there is likely to be mosquitos around. We have come across spiders and spider webs on course, as well as the very occasional snake. But we have a medical team onsite and first aid kits if required. And you will be required to carry a snake bandage in the unlikely event you have a "run-in" with a snake. BUT, you don't need to "worry"...just be aware that there is wildlife.

  • Will I get lost?

Most likely not! There will be significant amounts of signage on course and also the chance to complete a course recce on the Friday afternoon prior to event day. You can also carry your phone with the AllTrails map to make sure you are on track.

  • What about at night time?

The night time loops will be more difficult and slower as navigation will become harder. But by the night time, you will have completed at least 10 loops already and be used to the course. And you will also be required to wear a head torch (and carry a spare torch of some kind in case)

  • Will it be hot and/or wet?

Whether conditions in the Tablelands in October are usually dry and warm. Average maximum temperatures are 27.5 degrees and the average minimum 15.2 degrees. The wet season usually begins in November with most rain coming December through to March. Therefore, October is usually relatively dry.

So hydration and sun protection will be important. However, 90% of the run course is in shaded rainforest.

  • Will my friends and family be able to track me?

Yes. Our timing system, brought to you by Onetime, will have a timing mat at the start and finish of each lap (and possibly at a point during the lap), so friends and family not at the event can track your progress


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