What is a Backyard Ultra?

Old Mates Backyard Ultra is no ordinary running event. A 6.7km loop run on the hour every hour until you can't go anymore, a Backyard Ultra is the ultimate measure of your mental and physical endurance.  Whether running 1, 5, 15, 24, 30 loops or more, this is a chance to test yourself against yourself! 

So what is a Backyard Ultra?

  • A 6.7km loop run every hour on the hour and until you quit or are timed out
  • Any time left in your hour is time for rest (maybe even some sleep), nutrition, hydration, clothing changes or anything else you need to do to prepare for the next loop
  • The 6.7km run is self supported. A single aid station is provided on course and an aid station with supplies is provided at the event precinct
  • Every competitor starts on the hour and you can complete your lap as fast or slow as you choose
  • The event stops when there is only one competitors left!!

How do I DNF?

In a BYU, all competitors except the final person left standing is technically a DNF (Did Not Finish) You DNF by; 

  • Failing to complete the loop within the hour
  • Failing to make the start line before the next loop begins
  • Accepting defeat and choosing to not continue

Where can I learn more about BYU's?

There are some great resources now becoming available to help with your Backyard Ultra journey. There are Youtube videos, podcasts and websites that can help, such as;


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