When: Tuesday mornings @ 5:30am; Thursday afternoons @ 5:15pm (Occasional weekend long run) 

Where: Various locations (Barlow Park, Cairns Esplanade, Yellow/Red Arrows etc.) - follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for this month's squad sessions - July calendar below

Cost: First 2 sessions FREE!! Then $10 per session (invoiced at the end of each month). INCLUDED in all athlete programs for only $5 per week extra.

Sessions: Technique, video analysis, hill sessions, easy aerobic runs, track/speed sessions - the sessions depend upon what races and events are upcoming

Who: EVERYONE is welcome to join from juniors to masters athletes, from absolute beginners to experienced runners

How: No need to register, but please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to sessions to check-in and ensure we start on time. Bring along appropriate nutrition (minimum water bottle) and a towel. Meet and run with a fun crew!!


  • What if I am new to running? 

Smurf Squad sessions cater for all ages and abilities and have a "no drop" policy. That is, no one is left behind! This will mean faster runners back tracking along our run route to keep everyone generally together, splitting the group in to similar abilities or keeping the run to a short closed circuit. Either way, we aim to keep everyone as together as possible

  • How long are Smurf Squad sessions?

Weekday sessions will generally be around 50-75 minutes. This will depend on the type of session and your current personal capabilities. Some runners may run longer if training for a long run event, and other shorter if beginning their running journey or training for a shorter run event.

Weekend sessions can be anywhere from an hour to multiple hours depending upon what events are coming up. But rest assured, you won't be pushed to go longer or do more than you are comfortable with.

  • Can I bring friends and family?

YES!! We welcome everyone to Smurf Squad regardless of age or ability. Most sessions (except those on trails, hilly runs or at the track) are also great to bring the little on in the pram. Remember, your first 2 sessions are free, then $10 per session after that (invoiced at the end of the month)

  • Do I have to be on a Smurf & Smurfette Program to attend?

No, you don't have to commit to a full program to attend Smurf Squad. BUT, athletes on full programs receive all Smurf Squad sessions for only $5 per week extra on top of other coaching fees

  • I have a specific race coming up. Will Smurf Squad cater for my needs?

YES! We differentiate sessions to the individual needs of participants as much as possible. Though, in our calendar for the month, you can see the specific focus of individual Smurf Squad sessions

  • What if I have more questions?

Just send through an email to Josh at or contact us via the box in the footer of this page. We will get back to you asap

The Coach

Josh (aka. Smurf) had been coaching runners and triathletes for the past 14 years with lots of success including;

* Numerous 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon finishers
* Ultramarathon finishers including 100mile, 50mile and Backyard Ultra's
* Half Ironman and Long Course World Championship Athletes
* Junior State Triathlon Championship Athletes
* Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Ironman Podium Places
* Ultraman Finisher

As an athlete, he has had significant success in running and triathlon, including;

* Winner 2021 3 Marathons 3 Days
* 2nd Place ("Assist") running 36 hours and over 240km's, 2022 Dead Cow Gully Backyard Ultra
* 2nd Place 2022 BVRT 50 Miler
* 2021 Half Marathon PB @ GC Running Festival - 1:19:39
* 2021 Marathon PB (solo self-supported) - 2:56:07
* 5 x Ironman Triathlon Finisher
* 2 x Australian Age Group Triathlon Team Representative (2011 - Beijing, China Short Course; 2013 - Belfort, France Long Course)


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