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Beating Those Mental Demons!

What are your thoughts on this statement? “Endurance sports are 20% physical and 80% mental” It’s almost; “What came first…the chicken or the egg?” The feedback from one of my athletes on a session last week prompted me to, once again, reflect on this topic. It is one I have juggled around in my mind for years and one that I believe there is an answer for. But first, the feedback....

September 14, 2020

Training Peaks and Planning

I recently had a question from a triathlete about using Training Peaks (TP), particularly in regards to Chronic Training Load (CTL - "Fitness"), Acute Training Load (ATL - "Fatigue") and Training Stress Balance (TSB - "Form"). The questions were in regards to how you can use these metrics to plan a season or buildThe first thing I will say to ensure full disclosure is that, in general, I don't use these metrics significantly in planning out a season or build. That is to say I don't plan how much...

July 1, 2020

2018 Great Barrier Reef Marathon - Race Recap

2:30am…gear packed…’fat black’ coffee…check list checked…nervous but excited and ready to take on our first marathon (well… for Smurf it was his first marathon not in an Ironman). We got to Port Douglas and there was no one else in sight… we may have been a little early - turns out like an hour early…whoops. Lesson one – read the athlete guide properly but better early than late! The sunrise over the beach was gorgeous, the town was quiet,...

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