Based in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Smurf and Smurfette are both endurance sport athletes who juggle the day to day love of training and racing with their full-time professional careers and their two children. With a combined experience of over 20 years training, racing and coaching triathlon and running, Smurf and Smurfette provide run and triathlon coaching services, run and triathlon squads in Cairns, endurance sports event management and remedial massage services


Our mission is simple - to help YOU achieve balance in life with endurance sports. We understand how hard it is to balance endurance sports with family, work and life in general. We can help! Whether through our run and triathlon coaching, our face-to-face squads for Cairns locals, our events or that much needed massage...we are here to help you achieve those big goals while maintaining balance!

We put people first, are passionate about our work, but also strive for high performance.


Coaching: Smurf and Smurfette offer coaching services for all levels of endurance athletes including absolute beginners, junior athletes and experienced athletes. This includes run coaching for 5k to Ultra Marathons and triathlon coaching for sprint to Ironman events. We also offer run and triathlon squads for Cairns locals.

Squad: Our Cairns based run and triathlon squads cater for all abilities from beginner to experienced runners and triathletes, while endeavouring to ensure each athlete gets what they need to meet their athletic goals. We train weekly at a range of venues around Cairns. You can find the calendar for this month HERE

Events: Smurf Endurance Sports manage two major run events in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Find out more about Cairns 50 Community Running Festival and Smurf's Backyard Ultra HERE.

Massage: Josh from Smurf & Smurfette offers remedial massage services based at Smurf HQ on Aplin St, Cairns City. These services are designed to help athletes achieve peak performance as well as provide relaxation and remedial services to manage general day to day stress and fatigue

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